Lợi ích vay vượt trội từ MSB

Up to VND 10 billion loan amount

VND 10 billion for home construction

VND 5 billion for home renovation

Approval within 16 hours

Simple procedure, on-site support by MSB experts

Best interest rateon the market

Fixed 4.99% interest rate in first 3 months

Support financing to construction without license

*Applied to construction eligible for license exclusion

Up to 15-year loan tenor

Support financing to recoup within 12 months. After that, you can still apply for loan to cover liabilities or repay borrowings to third party

Flexible disbursements based on construction progress

Based on Construction contract/Payment request of contractor/Acceptance minutes, etc.

Điều kiện vay vốn

  • Age: from 20 to 65
  • Minimum monthly income: VND 5 million
  • Loan purpose: constructing, renovating your or your relatives’ house for accommodation or commercial purpose. Recouping your money spent on home construction and renovation or covering liabilities are also applicable
  • Collateral: valuable paper/real estate/transportation

Thủ tục vay vốn

Apply for loan

    MSB Relationship Manager will contact you within 24 hours

Submit documents
  • Identity Card, Household Registration Book (copy)
  • Certificate of collateral ownership (copy)
  • Proof of income
  • Construction contract/Purchase order/Payment request of contractor
Sign credit agreement, secured loan agreement

    Including notarization, certification, and registration for security transaction

Get disbursement from MSB

    Get disbursement immediately upon the completion of security transaction registration


Mua nhà ngay - Vay siêu lời

Bí quyết vay mua nhà để không bị "Cục nợ" đè nặng vai.
Sở hữu tổ ấm riêng của mình, không bị "Cục nợ" đè nặng mà còn siêu lời đủ thứ.

Câu hỏi thường gặp

Yes. Customers can repay part or all of the principal before maturity depending on their financial situation. The early repayment fee is based on the principal amount paid in advance, most of MSB's interest packages for you are free of early repayment from the 5th year onwards.

Yes. You can use your parents' assets as collateral for your loan at MSB.

Customers can use collateral that is real estate or means of transport to secure the loan. Customers can use collateral that is real estate or means of transport to secure the loan.

MSB does not require the Client to provide a Construction Permit for a loan of VND 1 billion or less or Construction Works that is exempt from a Construction Permit.

In other cases, the Customer is requested to provide the Construction Permit/Confirmation from the Local Authority that the Works are exempt from the Construction Permit.

You need to prepare for the collateral valuation fees. Based on collateral value, MSB determines your loan amount. This fee should be paid upon document submission to the bank.

When application is approved, you need to prepare for notarization fee and security transaction registration fee to complete pledging before getting disbursement.

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