Superior Loan Features at MSB

Up to 90% loan to value

90% if secured by available collateral

80% if secured by mortgage

Best interest rate

4.99% fixed in first 3 months

Up to 35-year tenor

Own your dream house with less financial worry

Approval within 16 hours

Approval within 16 hours

Simple procedure, on-site support by MSB experts

Disbursement before Certificate of land use right is granted

Disbursement before Certificate of land use right is granted

Disbursement is vested even before Notarized Sale and Purchase Agreement is signed (*subject to MSB’s regulation)

24-month grace period for principal

Up to 24-month grace period for principal

Flexible principal repayment plan: flat/increasing/reducing


  • Age: from 20 to 65
  • Minimum monthly income: VND 5 million
  • Loan purpose: purchase real property for you or your relatives with/without Certificate of land use right issued
  • Collateral: mortgage/other properties
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Buy a house now - Super loan

The secret to getting a home loan to not be burdened by the "Debt Department".
Owning your own home, not being weighed down by the "Debt Department", but also super profitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to prepare for collateral valuation fee. Based on collateral value, MSB determines your loan amount. This fee should be paid upon document submission to the bank. When application is approved, you need to prepare for notarization fee and security transaction registration fee to complete pledging before getting disbursement.

By the time limit for repayment of principal/interest as specified in the Credit Contract, if the Customer fails to pay or only partially pays the principal/interest, then:

- With overdue principal: Customers pay overdue interest equal to 150% of interest in the term at the time of overdue transfer calculated on the overdue principal balance corresponding to the late payment period.

- With overdue interest: Customers pay interest on late payment at the interest rate equal to 10%/year calculated on the amount of late payment interest corresponding to the late payment period.

Yes. Fire insurance for houses/apartments and vehicle insurance not only guarantees the loan for the Bank but also ensures the interests of customers.

Yes. You can use your parents' assets as collateral for your loan at MSB.

Is a repayment plan in which the principal is paid monthly or every 2 months or every 3 months, interest is paid according to the actual remaining principal balance.

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