Superior Loan Features at MSB

Up to 15x of income collateral value

Income determined by your credit card limit issued by a known bank, divided by a factor as per MSB’s regulation

Competitive interest rate

Only 1.33% per month fixed through loan tenor

Up to 5-year tenor

Manageable repayment, less financial worry

Simple proof of income

Proved by your credit card issued by a known bank


  • Owning a credit card issued by one of the banks (MSB, Citibank, Shinhan bank, Standard Chartered bank, HSBC, Vietcombank, VIB) with at least 6 months in use and being active at the moment
  • Not spending over 85% of credit card limit last 3 months
  • At least 6 months in current job or 2 years’ working experience, labor contract in validity

Apply for loan

    MSB Relationship Manager will contact you within 24 hours

Submit documents
  • Identity Card, Household Registration Book (copy)
  • Photo of owned credit card
  • Labor contract
Get disbursement from MSB

    Your application will be approved within 8 working hours (upon full document submission)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a repayment plan in which the principal is paid monthly or every 2 months or every 3 months, interest is paid according to the actual remaining principal balance.

Yes. You may partially or fully settle the loan before due date depending on your financial capacity. Early settlement fee is calculated based on prepaid principal amount. Most of MSB’s loan packages have early settlement fee waived from the fifth year onwards.

If principal outstanding/interest is not repaid or repaid partially on maturity date stipulated in credit agreement, late payment interest will apply as follows:

-          For overdue principal outstanding: 150% of normal interest rate levied on overdue principal outstanding in respective of number of days late

-          For overdue interest: 10% p.a. levied on overdue interest in respective of number of days late

Yes. Fire insurance for secured house/apartment/vehicle not only guarantees disbursement but also secures your benefits.

You need to prepare for collateral valuation fee. Based on collateral value, MSB determines your loan amount. This fee should be paid upon document submission to the bank. When application is approved, you need to prepare for notarization fee and security transaction registration fee to complete pledging before getting disbursement.

Yes. You can use your parents’ property to secure your loan at MSB.

Yes. MSB provides you and your family finances for personal consumption including tuition/travel/healthcare, etc. payments

EMI Calculator result is just an estimate for your reference. You will be advised with actual loan amount after you have submitted required documents as per MSB’s regulation.

You can secure Valuable paper, Savings book, Deposit balance, Real estate, Vehicle for your loan.

The principal and interest that the Customer will pay for his loan.

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