Lợi ích vượt trội vay từ MSB

Up to VND 1 billion loan amount

Including installments, overdraft, credit card

Loan amount is determined based on average debit transaction value at two banks you are using

No required business license

Suitable for business owners doing online business on social media and e-commerce platforms

Competitive interest rate

Only 1.33% per month fixed through loan tenor

Simple procedure

No required complicated proof of revenue

Offer flexi overdraft limit

Buy now pay later – interest only charged on overdrawn amount

Offer bundled super free account package

Up to VND 16 billion monthly transfer limit, free of charge for all transaction and account management fees, 10% cashback on digital marketing cost


  • Business owner, household business owner/spouse of business owner, household business owner/limited partner of business, doing business in the sectors permitted by the law
  • At least 1-year experience in business sector

Apply for loan

    MSB Relationship Manager will contact you within 24 hours

Submit documents
  • Identity Card, Household Registration Book (copy)
  • Records of business activities
Get disbursement from MSB
  • Your application will be approved within 16 working hours (upon full document submission)
  • Get disbursement immediately upon the completion of procedure

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