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insert image here MSB supports COVID-19 prevention

Responding to the call of the Government and inspired by the spirit of philanthropy, MSB has donated billions of VND into Covid-19 response fund on top of many timely and effective actions to support many areas in the fight against the pandemic.

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MSB and journey of Vietnam’s green coverage

In 2021, “Increase Vietnam’s green coverage with MSB” campaign was officially launched under the vision of a sustainably rising country. Not only to respond to the call for 1 billion trees from the Government, we also aspire to develop and spread a green lifestyle in the community through this campaign.

Other CSR activities

On the way towards a stable and sustainable growth of the community, MSB has donated to many funds and launched many social welfare programs in many cities across medical, educational, rural development, etc. sectors. MSB commits to supporting the community and contributing to a better life quality of Vietnam’s people.

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