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Strong financial foundation

As of 2020, MSB’s total assets reached VND 176,697 billion, up 69% against 2015. Owners’ equity grew to VND 16,874 billion. Profit before tax reached VND 2,523 billion.

Best-in-class risk management capabilities and credit models

According to credit rating of Moody’s published by the end of March 2019, MSB’s long-term domestic and foreign currency deposit was upgraded to B2. Both Counterparty Risk Rating (CRR) and Counterparty Risk Assessment (CRA) classes were upgraded from B2 to B. In particular, Moody’s revised our Baseline Credit Assessment from CAA1 to B3.

MSB deployed a risk management model under international standards of Basel II. MSB was certified by the State Bank of Vietnam as compliant with Circular 41 on capital adequacy ratio of banks and foreign branch banks in accordance with the Basel II standards on June 17, 2019. It demonstrates our prudent, effective and transparent operations under global-standard risk management principles, elevating MSB’s position and competitiveness in the market.

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Growing customer base

Given our wide range of financial and banking products and services with many superior features, we have earned the trust of more than 3.2 million retail customers, nearly 67,000 corporate customers and many key partners and merchants.

Extensive network of transaction

MSB has aggressively extended its network to be among top non-government-owned banks having largest transaction network in Vietnam: 263 branches/transaction offices, 344 ATMs across 51/64 cities.

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Passionate and creative people

  • Strong leadership team: MSB is being guided by senior and high-respected local and foreign leadership with the support of young, highly potential, and passionate successors. They strive for a sole purpose, that is to build “a bank all want to join yet none want to leave”.
  • Fairness and equality in workplace: MSB was honored to be certified Economic Dividends of Gender Equality (EDGE), becoming one of first three organizations in Vietnam getting globally certified for a workplace of fairness and gender equality, where every employee is given a fair chance of career development.
  • MSB always focuses on training and developing talents: all positions are entitled to regular competency and skills training programs. Competency framework and career path are devised and then, training programs and career development opportunities are tailored based on that.
  • Talent Pool and Management programs are carried out over many years to develop successors for the future..

Sustained investment on technology

MSB puts strong focus on technology investment to provide customers with compelling experience:

  • Investing on digital platforms and big data analysis to gather more insights about customer demands;
  • Developing digital ecosystem to integrate many payment solutions, bringing more benefits to customers;
  • Digitizing customer experience by applying biometric technology to ensure maximum security, privacy and convenience for customers;
  • Automating process and applying robotics to improve turnaround time for processing transaction.
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