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MSB believes that every one of us has potential to grow and rise at any stage of life. As long as you are and willing to face any challenges and turn impossible into invincible, MSB’s committed solutions will support you to rise stronger, whether in retail or corporate segment.

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On July 12, 1991 in Hai Phong, Vietnam Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank (“MSB”) was proud to be the first joint stock commercial bank established during the economic integration and development phase of Vietnam. This came from the ambition of visionary leadership about a new financial money market in the early phase of economic integration.

1991 - 2005

MSB MSB pioneered in adopting cutting-edge technology into business at the dawn of banking development, particularly:

  • First to apply local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) to connect cross-geography, shortening wire transfer time for customers;
  • First to deploy international payment on financial market; ;
  • First to use Core Banking system in Vietnam with the support of the World Bank.
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2009 - 2010

MSB was the pioneer in developing full-fledged business strategy under the consultation of McKinsey, a global consulting firm. As a result, MSB became the first bank to launch an inclusive product package covering all key payment features - M1 became a phenomenon in the finance and banking sector at the time.


The merger of Mekong Development Commercial Joint Stock Bank and acquistion of Vietnam Textile and Garment Finance Joint Stock Company (TFC) significantly increased MSB's size and enhance its position in the market. MSB was among top commercial banks in Vietnam in terms of network and its charter capital reached VND 11,750 billion.

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MSB continued pioneering in adopting technology into banking business in line with the development of 4.0 era.

  • First bank in Vietnam to integrate QR code with VNPay and Payoo, creating the largest payment network in the market;
  • First bank in Vietnam to apply Artificial Intelligence into credit card issuance to shorten issuance process and help manage customers more effectively.
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  • October 15, 2020, MSB officially launched the eKYC feature, so that individual customers can open account and debit card packages online without having to go to the counter;
  • On December 23, 2020, 1.175 billion shares of Vietnam Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank with stock code MSB were officially listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange.


MSB carried out a holistic transfromation from brand identity to experience model in 2021 under five-year strategy (2019-2023) with an aim to be the most reliable and customer-centric bank with high profits in Vietnam. A brand new, full of energy, advanced and professional MSB set out to provide customers with compelling experience based on 4 key principles: Simple - Proactive - Interconnected - Understanding.

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