Applicable object:

All enterprises in the field of Construction, with a turnover of 17 billion VND, with a minimum establishment period of 2 years

Enterprises using MSB's services for the first time since the issuance of the program

Product benefits:

Actively choose a form of credit financing with a high credit limit granting rate and competitive interest rates:

Financing without collateral up to VND 200 billion (of which a loan is VND 100 billion)

Open an account 100% online, get a nice number account;

Corporate credit card limit up to VND 500 million; unsecured overdraft up to VND 2 billion;

Online unsecured limit up to 15 billion VND, super fast online disbursement.

Special offer:

Outstanding in features:
- Open an account 100% online, give free a beautiful digital account as desired
- Super fast online disbursement, no need to go to the counter

Cost optimization:
- Free 100% domestic and international money transfer fees on Internet Banking
- Buy and sell foreign currencies online at a preferential rate of up to 80 points compared to the listed rate
- Grant unsecured lines with preferential interest rates Offer
- Free annual fee for the first year of opening a business credit card

Profitable transactions up to 100 million:
- Refund up to 2 million VND/customer/month when a debit transaction occurs on Internet Banking (*)
- Give a voucher of 2 million VND when signing a contract to pay M payroll and receive a commission policy of up to 80 million dong.
- 40% off when buying new or renewing Misa SME software or buying new software MISA meInvoice, MISA eSign.

(*) Terms of service apply here

Offer period:

From February 21, 2022 to the end of December 31, 2022 or when there is a new notice from MSB


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  • MSB will evaluate and appraise the enterprise's profile in the shortest time
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