Superior current account packages for all financial needs

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Which Super Free packages does MSB offer?

MSB offers a range of tailor-made solutions to satisfy various needs of customer.

Which package suits your financial needs?

Financial solution for business owner

Free up to 50 kinds of fees

Including transfer fee, withdrawal fee, service fee, debit card issuance fee...

Complete solution

Free MSB Super account package includes payment account, debit card & e-banking service to help customers transact conveniently anywhere, anytime.

Open an account within 01 minute

With electronic customer identification technology, customers can easily open an online account in just 1 minute.

Attractive cashback

Up to 3.6 million VND/year with M-Pro & M-Business Fast account package.

Meet all different needs

MSB account packages are designed to suit different specific needs such as business/employee/salaried account packages...

Free beautiful digital account up to 2 million

When opening online account, customers can choose a beautiful number with the last 6 digits as desired and receive up to 2 million VND for free.

Complete financial solution in Super Free packages

Inclusive features/services of MSB Super Free packages

e-Banking service

Free of charge for wire transfer, bill payment, and mobile top-up. Offer up to 0,5% interest rate extra on online savings.

International debit card

Every spend is made easy with a bundled debit card on MSB Super Free package

Current account

Help keep cash conveniently for all spends, payments, etc.

Security & Privacy

MSB ensures regulatory compliance to facilitate your secure and private transactions through MSB Super Free packages

Balance notification via Mobile Banking

Help you effectively manage your account and promptly get notified of any new debits or credits

24/7 support

Please reach our Contact Center for support on any query

Financial solution for salaried person

MSB offers a complete financial solution to support customers with income from salary on spending management and plan fulfilment like owning a house or a car

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Financial solution for business owner

Understanding the challenges and needs of business owners, MSB offers a complete financial solution encompassing everything from account package, credit card, to capital financing, etc.

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Useful information

MSB offers 2 transfer methods, that is over the counter or through someone else. You can visit our Internet Banking or call our hotline at (024) 39445566 to inquire about account number.

Please visit any of our branches or transaction offices nationwide to close your account.

You are not charged anything when opening a current account at MSB. MSB also offers free IB/MB services and fee-free issuance of debit card.

Please visit our website to learn about your account package benefits.

  • Please prepare the following documents to open an account at MSB:
  • Valid identification documents (identity card, passport, birth certificate if you are under 15 years old)
  • MSB account opening request (as per MSB’s template)
  • Additional documents if you are a foreigner (Visa, visa exemption certificate, permanent residence card, temporary residence card, temporary residence certificate)
  • Other documents (in case of FATCA, AML documents are required) Please come to any MSB branch and you will instantly get an account package including a current account, international debit card, and digital banking services like Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and SMS Banking. If you still have doubts, please drop a message in our inbox with your name, phone number, and residential area, and our Relationship Manager will reach out and support you.

MSB is always willing to support and advise you end-to-end, from the moment you have a demand, you apply until you use our services.

You will be advised step by step to register for Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, and activate a debit card one time only.

Then, you will get an instruction about card features, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking sent to your registered personal email address.

  Please visit our website or log in to your Internet Banking account to learn more. If you have further inquiries, please contact our 24/7 Customer Service Center at (024) 039445566.

Your current account will be charged for account management fee if there is no active transaction within 6 months and average balance is less than VND 3 million.

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