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The capital need for the Client's business activities on a regular and continuous basis (for example, the need to supplement working capital)

MSB is not required to provide Business Registration in case the Client's business is not subject to Business Registration.

In case the Client's business establishment is subject to business registration but has not yet registered for business and/or does not have a business license or practice certificate as prescribed by law. Customers need to provide at least 1 of the following 3 documents:

- Proof of payment of taxes or fees, charges,...

- Certification of the business operation management unit (Markets/Commercial Centers, People's Committees of communes and wards)

- Commit to supplement Business Registration within 06 months

In case customers do business online, only need to prove it through orders on E-commerce floors, Bank account statements. MSB can still finance up to 1 billion VND.

Yes. For investment needs in fixed assets, factories, machinery, and equipment, MSB offers a long-term business loan package of up to 120 months. For regular/irregular business capital supplement needs, MSB offers a short-term loan package.

Customers can use assets such as Valuable Papers, Savings Book, Deposit Balance, Real Estate, Means of Transport to secure the loan.

These are projects that have been appraised and approved for association and have signed an association contract in accordance with MSB's regulations. Customers buying houses from projects associated with MSB will enjoy a better preferential loan policy from MSB than loans from other banks.

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