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Smart financial solution package

Exclusively for Business Owners

  • No income verification is required for our lightning-fast loans of up to VND 1 billion.
  • Business loan limit of up to VND 20 billion with a low-interest rate
  • Get a super free online account in 1 minute, transaction limit of up to VND 22 billion/day
  • Customers can transact anytime, anywhere with a network of more than 300 transaction points nationwide and MSB's Digital Banking system.

1 phút online có ngay tài khoản siêu miễn phí

Khách hàng có thể giao dịch mọi lúc mọi nơi
với mạng lưới hơn 300 điểm giao dịch trên toàn quốc cùng hệ thống Ngân hàng số của MSB

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With deep understanding, we build a Financial Solution Package specifically for Business Owners

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MSB branch and ATM network

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