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Được sự chấp thuận của Ngân hàng Nhà nước Việt Nam theo công văn số 1976/NHNN-TTGSNH ngày 20/03/2020, ông Nguyễn Hoàng Linh chính thức được Hội đồng quản trị Ngân hàng TMCP Hàng Hải Việt Nam (MSB) bổ nhiệm vị trí Tổng giám đốc kể từ ngày 23/03/2020.

Previously, Mr. Linh was selected by the Board of Directors to assume the position of Acting General Director of the bank after Mr. Huynh Buu Quang resigned and held the position of Standing Vice Chairman of MSB's Board of Directors.

Mr. Linh has 22 years of experience in the banking and finance industry and has held many important positions in banks in Vietnam: Member of the Board of Directors of PVCombank, General Director of PVCombank, General Director of Western Bank, Director of Viet A Bank ... At MSB, he is entrusted with many responsibilities and has many years of working and accompanying with the development of MSB. In particular, in recent 2019, acting as the General Director of Retail Banking, Mr. Linh excellently brought a remarkable breakthrough in business performance. For just 1 year, MSB Retail Banking achieved impressive growth compared to 2018, accordingly, net revenue increased by 20%, lending increased by 47%, fee revenue increased by 62%, sales performance increased by 1.4 times and surpassed 145% compared to profit plan 2019.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh - CEO of MSB shared at the Talk Show of announcing MSB’s completion of 3 pillars of Basel II

On March 17, 2020, MSB announced the completion of compliance with the last pillar of Basel II - Internal capital adequacy assessment process (ICAAP - Pillar 2). Along with the completion of the previous two pillars 1 and 3, this pillar 2 was completed by MSB in accordance with the State Bank's (SBV) request and was completed in less than 1 year from the time MSB was officially approved by the State Bank to apply Circular No. 41 (Basel II). With this result, MSB is one of the pioneers in completing the implementation of Basel II in the Vietnamese market.

The application of international standards helps MSB adjust its strategic direction on the basis of effective risk management to achieve safe and sustainable business and development goals.

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