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Ngân hàng TMCP Hàng Hải Việt Nam (MSB) vừa công bố Báo cáo tài chính sau kiểm toán năm 2019. Về cơ bản, các số liệu công bố không có sự khác biệt so với báo cáo trước kiểm toán.

Vietnam Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MSB) has just released its post-audited financial statements 2019. Basically, the published figures are not different from the pre-audited reports.

According to post-audited financial statements, MSB's pre-provision net profit reached more than VND 2,200 billion, up 23.5% compared to 2018. Total assets of the bank reached nearly VND 157 trillion, an increase of 14 % compared to 2018 and completed 103% of the plan. Credit growth increased by nearly 23% to nearly VND 68 trillion, customer deposits and issued valuable papers reached nearly VND 90 trillion, approximately 25% higher than the beginning of the year and exceeded the set target. Total profit before tax reached VND 1,287 billion, an increase of more than 20% compared to 2018.

2019 was considered a quite successful year for MSB as all core business activities achieved good growth. Specifically, in the credit segment, customer loan balance as of December 31, 2019 increased by more than 30% compared to 2018. Loans to individual customers increased by 53%, loans to corporate customers in key areas also increased by more than 57%. Effective credit activities brought more than VND 3,000 billion of net profit for MSB in 2019. In addition, the bank's profit also recorded a significant contribution from service activities with an increase of 92 % compared to 2018.

In addition to the positive results from business activities, last year, MSB also showed many bright spots in credit quality management and bad debt handling, which was reflected in the NPL ratio, down from 2.21% in 2018 to 1.71% at the end of 2019. At the same time, the bank also made efforts to reduce the size of the VAMC bond portfolio by 54% and was expected to finally settle the rest in 2020.

For the past year, MSB has been also one of the first nine joint stock commercial banks approved by the State Bank for application before the deadline of Circular No. 41/2016/TT-NHNN on capital adequacy ratio for banks and branches of domestic banks in accordance with international standards of Basel II. Since applying this standard, MSB has always maintained a capital adequacy ratio higher than 9% as required, of which, at the end of 2019, this indicator of MSB reached 10.25%.

In addition to the business results, last 2019 was also the year that recognized the efforts to invest in developing MSB's activities towards becoming increasingly more modern, efficient and safer. For the past year, MSB has completed the transformation of the brand identity system from Maritime Bank to MSB with a new, dynamic, modern and closer appearance to customers. The bank also focuses on improving the quality of customer experience with high-tech products and services such as the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in credit card issuance, investing in deploying the application to improve transaction experience such as payment via QR Code, Samsung Pay, contactless payment card, upgrading Mobile Banking application for individual customers... These solutions not only help customers make payments quickly and conveniently but also improve safety and security while enjoying many preferences of banks and partners when spending non-cash.

As planned in 2020, MSB will deploy many important projects applying digital technology in both business and operational administration activities. This will be an important foundation for the bank to fulfill many major objectives in 2020-2023 period to become the most reliable, customer-understanding and highest profitable bank in Vietnam.


For more information, please contact:

visit the nearest MSB branch here

or contact the 24/7 hotline: 1800599999 (toll free) / 024 3944 5566

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