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Chỉ 1 phút thao tác trên điện thoại hay vài click chuột trên máy tính, khách hàng có thể thực hiện thành công bất cứ giao dịch nào! Ngân hàng điện tử M-Banking (Internet Banking & Mobile Banking) đã giúp chúng ta làm được điều kỳ diệu đó.

One-minute for successful transaction

In Vietnam, there are over 130 million mobile phone subscribers and up to 43% of the population are Internet users at 2015 end. This is a favorable setting for speedy “digital banking” development. Ministry of Trade and Industry’s E-commerce report shows that 10 million computer or tablet users are online on average 05 hours/day which means that on a daily basis around half of the population are connected. This is the very opportunity for people to have their own “digital banking”.

“I am very busy at work, thus, I am always hesitant to go to bank branches for fund transfer, depositing or monthly bill payment. However, since I used M-Banking, it takes me just 1 minutes to get them done on computers or mobile devices. What is more, I just need to register automatic payment to have my monthly power and telecommunication bills paid” shared Mrs. Khanh Phuong, an officer in Hochiminh city. She concluded that M-Banking is time-saving, which is also money-saving!

Cuộc sống tiện ích hơn với M-Banking

Diversified features

Apart from time-saving and security, what makes Mr. Le Trung Thanh (employee at an Engineering Maintenance Company at District 3) interested in M-banking is its diversified features ranging from internal or interbank fund transfer, bill payment, mobile phone top-up to opening/closing online passbooks, card services, loan application and etc. “Maritime Bank also free most of charges on these services. So convenient and beneficial”, said Thanh.

Clearly, convenience and savings are always put on top when it comes to M-Banking usage.
A choice of busy persons

Mobile banking enables users to process most of transactions on their smartphone. This is of great use in the time mobile phones are considered integral.

“Imagine coming home after a hard working day, feeling exhausted but still having to rush to kitchen for cooking, unfortunately power went off because the bill was not paid. I myself was in that situation and felt really frustrated. However, since I used M-Banking, my concern was a thing of the past. Without going anywhere, it takes you one minute to get most of payments i.e power, mobile phone, internet, cable TV bill, air ticket payment and etc. done. Technology make life easier for busy persons like me”, shared Mrs. Huynh Hoa, an officer.

Distinctive benefits

“I am relatively satisfied with M-Banking as most of services i.e balance query, fund transfer, bill payment, mobile phone top-up, card services, lending and etc. are free. Online savings are even having better interest rate than at-the-counter savings” shared Mrs. Tam, a salesman.

“M- Banking is a modern transaction channel, which is popular to customers given its distinctive benefits. M-Banking has simple, customer-friendly displays which are suitable to all people and ages; what is more, the two-layered password is fully secured for users”, said representative of Maritime Bank.

With the ability to respond “promptly without delay” to customer’s financial transaction request, Online banking have set the development trend among Vietnam banks on their way to build an image of modern banks which deliver the best customer’s experiences.

Please sign up M-Banking services  here.

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