Flexible cashback, feel free to live in your own way

20% cashback, change the cashback field according to your preferences

20% cashback, change the cashback field according to your preferences

20% cashback, up to 300,000 VND/statement period

Freely choose the field of monthly payment:

  • Eat, drink, coffee
  • Travel and hotel
  • Digital entertainment application
  • Cashback policy see here

Technology virtual card, choose your own card

With the mDigi virtual card that can be accessed through the MSB Plus program, you may make hassle-free and convenient online payments without using a physical card. You can personalize the color of your virtual cards to reflect your own individuality.

Opportunity to buy bargains at your fingertips, up to 50% off

Up to 50% off at more than 300 stores in JOY Deals World

Flexible installment payment

Flexible installment payment for all transactions up to 12 months, especially support 0% interest rate at many big partners such as Shopee, Tiki, Sendo, FPT Shop, Nguyen Kim, etc.

Up to 45 days interest free

Shop with peace of mind, with interest free of up to 45 days

Điều kiện mở thẻ

  • Nationality : Vietnamese.
  • Age: From full 18 to 65 years old.
  • Income: Salary transferred from 05 million VND/month.
  • Having household registration/temporary residence in the provinces/cities where MSB is located.
  • Terms - Conditions for the issuance and use of credit cards See here

Điều kiện mở thẻ

  • Credit card issuance request
  • Identity Card copy
  • Household Registration Book copy
  • Temporary residence proof if not living at permanent residence address (utility bills, landline bills, Internet bills, or notice on utility, landline payment)
  • Income statement or other alternative proofs
Learn about fees and interest rates of  MSB Mastercard mDigi


Annual fee

399,000 VND

Issuance fee


Late payment fee


Foreign currency transaction fees


Interest rate

See here

Note: These fees and rates are VAT exclusive and subject to change from time to time

Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking

Card management and fastest credit card outstanding repayment

Contactless payment

Easy, fast and secure transactions through Contactless

MSB Plus

MSB Plus provides multiple features such as rewards management, card management, cash rebate redemption

Privacy and security

Advanced protection by OTP and Verified by Visa for secured online shopping

Credit card e-statement

Credit card e-statement is sent directly to your registered email address in a secure and fast manner. This feature also helps reduce paper waste and protect the environment

Frequently Asked Questions

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